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Living room furniture white fiberglass eye ball shaped ovalia hanging egg pod chair

Item No.: LC073
Product name: Egg Pod Chair
Article no .: LC073
Product size: 85 * 78 * 132cm
Material: fiberglass + Fabric + metal base
CBM: 0.95
Color: Available
MOQ: 5 pieces
Production time: about 15-20 days
Guarantee: 3-5 years
Payment Terms: T / T

Living room furniture white fiberglass eye ball shaped ovalia hanging egg pod chair


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Eero Aarnio’s amazing Egg Pod has been delighting people all over the world since the sixties. Like The Beatles, Andy Warhol or The Prisoner, it’s the sort of sixties psychedelia that has endured and; that has kept its cool. It helps that the design is just so much fun. When you see it, you’re just going to want to sit in it and quite possibly claim it as your own. You can choose from a variety of fabric colours to complement your white egg shell.

The Ovalia Egg Pod chair has been around for decades and some even say that it is as old as the “chicken and egg debate”.

The design is the brainchild of Henrik Thor-Larsen and it is based on the Aarnio Ball Chair with the uniqueness primarily resting on the fact that it looks distinctly like an egg.

If you were able to watch Men in Black then you would surely recognize it from one of the scenes in the movie.

It was first produced in 1978 and most replicas that you’ll find at present are made using the same hollow fiberglass shell with the interior portion being covered by a fabric of weave wool.


Nov 12, 2020
a very good egg pod chair,with good painting and velvet cover.