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Indoor replica acrylic hanging bubble chair

Item No.: LC083
Product name:hanging bubble chair
Item No:LC083
Product size:113*113*85cm
Material:acrylic+stainless steel+foam+PU
Color: Avaible
MOQ:5 pieces
Production Time: about 15-20 days
Warranty:3-5 years
Payment terms:T/T,30%,70%
Indoor replica acrylic hanging bubble chair

The Bubble Chair, designed by Eero Aarnio is a timeless modern classic. Some of the most genius inventions are the most simple, and the Bubble Chair is just that – a suspended translucent bubble within which one may escape for hours into a world all his/her own. Borrowing from his own “room-within-a-room” concept, which had been executed through the production of the ball chair, just several years prior, Eero Arnio invented the Bubble Chair in 1968 to provide an intimate escape pod that would also be well lit. Like the Ball Chair, the Bubble Chair also features a unique acoustic experience that significantly reduces outside noise, hence amplifying the intimate user experience.

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Using a thick cast acrylic, reinforced by a single-piece galvanized steel ring, our Bubble Chair reproduction is built to last and designed to inspire. With respect to the most discriminating,  mid-century modern zealot or enthusiast, our single-piece ring provides a clean sleek look (accurate to the original), simply not found in cheaper “replicas” which use a two-part ring that is bolted together in the middle. Welded onto the single-piece chromed steel ring is an angled steel hook, which not only provides a connection-point for a chain, but also establishes the angle at which the chair itself sits in its suspended space. This seemingly trivial detail is often overlooked, and discovered only after the point of purchase of lesser-quality alternatives, which suspend at angles unsuitable for easy entry/exit, and which appear more upright (hence less accurate to the original). Your contractor is responsible for providing a 3/8 inch log bolt that can go into a beam that is in the ceiling for support.