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Danish designer Replica Fabio Novembre Him Her Chair

Item No.: DC048
Product name:him her chair
Item No:DC048
Product size:51*75*88cm
MOQ:5 pieces
Production Time: about 15-20 days
Warranty:3-5 years
Payment terms:T/T,30% deposit,70% balance before delivery

Danish designer Replica Fabio Novembre Him Her Chair 

The fact that the design has been inspired by the legendary Panton Chair is instantly obvious to the design expert. 
But this is only one side of the coin (the front), which characterises Fabio Novembre's chair creation.

A look at both sides of this exclusive piece is recommended. The second source of inspiration quickly 
becomes evident: the chair is shaped after the natural form of a naked human body on the back – the model “her”
 is inspired by the female, “him” by the male body.

Taste is a matter prone to controversy and this is especially true for the hermaphroditic pair of chairs 
by Casamania which provoked controversial discussions when it was introduced at the Milan Furniture Exhibition in 2009.