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Major benefits of glass fiber reinforced plastic products five

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Author : Quincy Shen
Update time : 2020-11-12 12:33:25
The industry of FRP products is one of the leading products, the material strength of glass products, high pressure bearing capacity, good rigidity, and high reliability, the installation reliability, design life of 50 years or more. It not only has good light transmittance, easy processing and outstanding impact strength and creep resistance. In industrial production, bore the brunt of the glass of steels is applied to the various fields, take the glass steel anti-corrosion engineering, because itself does not contain any metal components, from oxidation, corrosion conditions. At the same time, also has good anti UV function.
Introduction of main five benefits of FRP products:
1 corrosion resistance: the general concentration of acid, alkali, Yandu has a strong resistance
2 simple process: can be for the product requirements, make all kinds of ordinary material is not easy to form the shape;
3 insulation performance: it is a good insulation material, can be used to produce a variety of insulation products, such as radar antenna cover, etc.;
4 low cost: due to the low cost, in many cases, it can completely replace stainless steel, aluminum, wood, non-ferrous metals, etc., the application is also becoming increasingly wide
1/4 light strength: the density is low, only carbon steel 5 to 1/5, can tensile strength can be compared with senior alloy steel. In some of the need to reduce the weight of the products used widely, such as rockets, spacecraft, etc.;
Glass steel is composite of a, glass steel materials because of its unique advantages, in building decoration, home furniture, aerospace, railway, advertising show, craft gifts, building materials, sanitary ware, yacht berthing, sports timber and environmental sanitation engineering industry is widely used, and by the praise, become the darling of the materials industry in the new era of business demand. FRP products are also different from the traditional materials, in the performance, purpose, life properties than the traditional products. Its easy form, can be customized, color free allocation of features, by businesses and sellers of favor.